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The Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thabane has affirmed the government’s commitment to overcoming hunger and poverty in the country.

 Dr Thabane was speaking during the launch of Rural Electrification Project at Ha Mojapela, Tsikoane in Leribe on Wednesday. The project covers villages of Ha Mojapela and Ha Peete.

Addressing the residents, he said it is high time government fulfils the promises they made during their election campaigns, saying hunger and poverty prevailed for many years in this country hence should be combated.

He said government is working hard to pull out thousands of families living in abject poverty and bringing developments in their areas.

Talking about residents’ employment process during the construction of the project, he assured them that they are going to be hired in groups, urging them not waste money on alcohol but work towards improving their families.

The Prime Minister urged the villagers to listen to government and stop taking misleading information from other people.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Minister of Energy and Meteorology Mr. Mokoto Hloaele said all 611 households will be connected with electricity irrespective of whether they are members of the scheme or not.

He however said those who are part of the scheme have already reduced the M2000.00 expected from them, noting that the money (M2, 000) can be paid in installments or be deducted from the money paid when purchasing electricity until they finish it.

Referring to benefits, he said two schools will also be connected for free so to facilitate use of computers in such schools however appealed to the community to ensure that such schools will be wired so that they will be connected.

Also speaking was the Minister of Water Affairs, also Member of Parliament for Tsikoane constituency, Mr. Samonyane Ntsekele who expressed gratitude to the Minister of Energy and Meteorology for launching the project in his constituency, commenting that most of the community members have relocated to Maputsoe and Hlotse because of lack of infrastructural development.

In response to whether the residents should have hope, he said the residents should have hope and trust that the project is going to be implemented as the Prime Minister is determined for success.

On behalf of the residents, the coordinator of the scheme, Mr. Manama Molapo said they established the scheme many years ago hence highly appreciate the launch.

He said they appreciate the maintenance of the road too as they have been struggling for a very long time.

The Rural Electrification Project is amounting to more than M6 million and others have been launched in different parts of the country that include Taung in the district of Mohales’ Hoek where about nine villages will be electrified. The villages include Sephapho, Matsipa, Ramokausi, Serabele, Mokotane, Malimong, Lehloaneng and others.

Source: LENA 13/12/2017

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