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The Minister of Development Planning, Mr. Tlohang Aumane launched the Ministry's exercise to hand over tablets to high schools countrywide.

The initiative, which began on Thursday was launched at Lesotho High School where the host school, Itekeng, Maseru, Mabathoana and Sefika High schools were the first recipients of the tablets.

Then Lithabaneng, Qoaling and Thetsane and Maseru constituencies followed and the host schools were Leqele, Qoaling, Thetsane and Machabeng where other schools gathered to receive their gifts.

When addressing the pupils, the Minister first acknowledged that unemployment rate in Lesotho is high and among those unemployed are graduates whom the country invested its money in by paying for their education.

'We still have unemployed youth in this country, but fields such as agriculture and tourism are still not productive because of shortage of such skills and this means the country is losing lots of money which may not be recovered.' Aumane said.

The Minister said the tablets will serve to address such issues by enhancing interest of pupils in education by use of technology.

He noted the government intends to be in a position where everybody who has been educated by the National Manpower Development Secretariat (NMDS) is able to pay back the money so others can benefit from it.

Mr. Aumane also noted that the ministry is to have a new policy where it will assess the financial muscle of each bursary applicant so that only those families which cannot afford higher education be prioritized and those who can afford it but are over committed for some reason are given a loan which they are expected to pay back in full once such a student has completed their studies.

These tablets are those which were used during population census and the ministry deemed it necessary not to sell them but to give 10 to each school.

Students from these High Schools shared similar sentiments, saying it is an honour that the thought crossed his mind and remembered them while they thought they had been forgotten.

The next constituency will be Machache where the Deputy Prime Minister is expected to join the Minister as a Member of Parliament for Machache.

Source: LENA 08/02/2018


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